One of the questions we get asked most about at Q Toys is our selection of glass toys. Many customers walk by the case and say, "how pretty, but aren't they dangerous??". The glass toys we select are made or borosilicate glass. (Pyrex is a brand name of borosilicate glass). This means that the toys are very durable and can withstand extremes of temperature. They will never shatter or create shards if broken. In fact, if a toy does break, the worst it will do is crack or chip. With common-sense use, these toys can last a lifetime. Of course, however, if your toy does break it is time to retire that toy immediately.

The appeal of glass is its appearance, weight, slickness, rigidity, and the fact that you can cool and warm it easily. If you've been intimidated by playing with glass toys before, rest assured that they are very safe and can give you a new sensation that you've never experienced before!