Toy Recycling

We are committed to being green and eco-friendly. with Q Toys recycling, you can keep your old sex toys out of the landfill. 

You shouldn't throw that broken vibe in the bin on the curb. That’s why Q Toys is now offering recycling. Bring us your broken, used up, unwanted rubber, plastic and silicone toys and we’ll recycle them for you. For each toy you give us, we’ll give you a $5 certificate you can use towards a shiny, new toy!* The more toys you keep out of the landfill, the more certificates you get*. You can help save the earth and save money at the same time.

There are just a few things to remember:

  • Only rubber, plastic, and silicone are allowed. Please, no glass, metal, leather, etc.
  • Toys must be thoroughly cleaned before you bring them to the store
  • Please remove all batteries before bringing the toys in (rechargeable toys are just fine)
  • The $5 certificate is good only for merchandise at the store: there is no cash value otherwise.
*Smaller toys may be combined at the discretion of Q Toys.
*One $5 certificate may be used for each $10 spent (Two certificates for $20, three certificates for $30, etc). A total of 5 certificates may be used in one transaction.