Flip Hole Silver


The Tenga Flip Hole was designed to provide a unique sexual experience each and every time. While most of the male masturbation market has churned out artificial vaginas, Tenga opted for improvements. The Flip Hole features a hard case with flexible front face and buttons to allow you total control over the experience. Tenga's Silver Flip Hole is made of the same firm elastomer as the original Black Flip Hole, but features a unique set of waves and stars that add a special tingle to one's pleasure experience. The inside of the Silver Flip Hole looks like a sensual crystal cave. A firm entry into the "solid gate" pushes upon your glans. The "wide ribs" welcome you from both sides, allowing you to feel the peaks of "stroking stars." When you are finished, the entire unit flips open for easy cleaning. This alone puts it ahead of the competition. All in all, the technology combines to provide you with a stimulating experience each time. Phthalate Free, medical grade silicone elastomer.

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